Absolute Chronology: 20000 - 10000 BC

Artefact's name: Incised pebble with wolf images
Museum of: Rome
Object type: Amulet
Country: Italy
Chronology: 12000-10000 BC
Period: Late Epigravettian
The pebbele carved with the figure of the wolf is probably the masterpiece found in Grotta Polesini (Roma). The marks the marks that covered this figure are referable to cult activities finalized to propitiate...

Artefact's name: Engraving of a horse head
Museum of: Berlin
Object type: Animal figurine
Country: France
Chronology: 15000 BC
Period: Upper Paleolithic
The rib from the cave of Lalinde is decorated with head of a horse, one of the most popular motifs of the hunters of the Upper Paleolithic period.

Artefact's name: Venus of Savignano
Museum of: Rome
Object type: Human figurine
Country: Italy
Chronology: 18000-10000 BP
Period: Late Paleolithic Period
The Savignano’s Venus is the Italian most famous prehistoric female figurine.